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George Gankas on Matthew Wolff's breakthrough win, how to get more swing speed, and the star golfer he'd like to coach

July 09, 2019

As Matthew Wolff's winning eagle putt found the hole at the 3M Open on Sunday, George Gankas had his own celebration by the pool. It was the perfect reaction from the unorthodox California instructor who gained notoriety through social media and YouTube videos emphasizing there's no such thing as the perfect golf swing. And now Gankas' prized pupil with the funky motion had delivered some serious validation of his often-questioned philosophies.

Make no mistake, there were two huge winners from TPC Twin Cities: The 20-year-old phenom who earned a PGA Tour title in just his third start as a pro and the 48-year-old swing coach who has been working with Wolff since he was an eighth-grader. Last year, Gankas famously declared, “I know for a fact that he’s going to change the world of golf. People are going to lose their minds.” So far, so good.

In the wake of Wolff's impressive breakthrough victory, Gankas joined the Golf Digest Podcast to discuss his work with Wolff, his thoughts on how to pick up swing speed, and the star golfer he'd like to get his hands on. Also, Golf Digest supervising producer Michael Sneeden stopped by to talk about his experience caddying on the Korn Ferry Tour, and Alex Myers, Sam Weinman, and Keely Levins chat about everything else going on in the world of golf. Please have a listen: