Players 2023: Noted ambidextrous PGA Tour pro switch-hits on No. 17, promptly shanks one off the planet

March 08, 2023

There's no other way to say this: It's been a rough 2023 for Cam Davis. There were high hopes for the Aussie entering the year—especially in the degenerate gambling subsection of Golf Twitter—but he's missed five consecutive cuts coming into this week's Players Championship and it's been nearly two months since he broke 70. How bad have things gotten for the 28-year-old? Well, on Wednesday he decided to try playing TPC Sawgrass' Stadium Course left-handed.

OK, not really. Davis only did it for the 17th hole. And he only did it because it was a practice round. And he also happens to be known for his switch-hitting prowess. But in a sign of just how bad this year has been, Davis competely shanked his attempt into the gallery. Have a look:

Yikes. We've seen some bad shots on that hole through the years—especially from amateurs—but that's rough. Again, this is a guy who has shared video evidence of his ambidextrous ability that shows he can hit a golf ball virtually as well left-handed as he does righty. Heck, that was probably his own club that he used. And yet, he shanked one so bad he didn't even flirt with the pond on the infamous island par 3.

It just goes to show (once again) that a lot of fans and a little water can play mind games with even the best players in the world. Oh, and, yeah, Davis is still in a slump. From both sides of the tee box.

Hey, at least Cam didn't lose a golf ball. Although, he was probably too embarrassed to go retrieve that one.