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Another training camp, another absurd no-look dime from Patrick Mahomes

NFL training camps began in earnest this week, with football regiments from sea to shining sea gearing up for gridiron battle. That means a couple things: 1. Your top overall draft pick is either a bust or the greatest to ever play, no in-between. 2. Tyrod Taylor is taking QB1 snaps somewhere. 3. Patrick Mahomes is handing out no-look dimes like horderves at a community theater fundraiser. Ladies, gentleman, and football fans, please feast your eyes on this beautiful crab cake.

It’s subtle, but the way he head fakes linebacker Anthony Hitchens is black belt stuff. With Tyreek Hill streaking behind Hitchens on a slant, Mahomes looks right as if Hill is going to break off his route. That freezes Hitchens in the underneath zone just enough for Mahomes to float one past his fingertips and into the arms of Hill, who is now as good as gone.

Mahomes is no stranger to no-look passes (and no-look runs), but this is proof that the Chiefs, despite their inept showing in Super Bowl LV, have earned their favorite tag heading into the 2021 season. There’s a lot of football left to be played—all of it, actually—but if you’re a Broncos, Chargers, or Raiders linebacker watching this today, you might as well hit the snooze and go back to sleep. There’s no stopping this, no matter how hard you try.