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This mesmerizing no-look pass from Matt Stafford is a throw Patrick Mahomes can only dream of making

December 22, 2020

There is no question that Patrick Mahomes does certain things that other (very good) NFL quarterbacks can't even dream of pulling off. But sometimes, even the most mundane of plays made by Mahomes cause announcers, talking heads and other so-called experts to lose their damn minds. To be fair, Mahomes has earned that. 

In reality, Mahomes didn't invent the no-look pass. He wasn't the first to scramble to his left and throw it across his body with ease. He isn't the only quarterback who can flick the ball 60 yards while flat-footed. Yes, he does all of these things better than anybody, but they aren't unique to him. 

Take, for example, this mesmerizing no-look touchdown pass from Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, which has now garnered well over 1 million views on social media: 

Here's a closer, slowed down look: 

Just a ridiculous play, and one Stafford makes on a weekly basis. "This REGULAR to 9, y'all been sleep," tweeted Stafford's teammate Jamal Agnew. Y'all been sleep, indeed:

None of this is meant to be a shot at Mahomes, by the way. We should just put a little respect on Matthew Stafford's name, mainly for the fact he goes out and puts his body on the line for the damn Detroit Lions every week. He should be sainted for that alone.