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Patrick Mahomes not only tried a no-look pass, but pulled it off perfectly. Put him in the HOF already

December 09, 2018

If you have Patrick Mahomes fatigue, this post, as well as the next 15 years of professional football, are not for you. Honestly, if you're actually finding reasons to knock him at this point, you're not watching.

His latest jaw-dropping feat of athleticism came in the second quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs' home game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. On 2nd & 1, Mahomes dropped back, evaded some pressure, stepped up and appeared to be looking down the right side of the field. As he wound up to throw though, Mahomes saw a receiver crossing over the middle, and not only attempted a pretty stupid no-look pass you couldn't get away with trying in a two-hand touch game, but he pulled it off perfectly. Have a watch:

Another angle:

This isn't the first time he's tried this in live action either. Last year, when Mahomes got his first start in Week 17 because Kansas City was resting Alex Smith for the playoffs, he unveiled it against the Broncos and completed it to former Chief Albert Wilson. That one, like the one on Sunday, was also across his body, which is already a hard throw to make when you're actually looking at the receiver. Put this guy in the Hall of Fame already (as i typed that, he just threw a pretty terrible pick. Shhhhhhh).