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Can you spot the past British Open champ giving lessons to random golfers on the range?

March 30, 2023

You truly never know who you're going to see at a driving range. Just last month Danny Lee was spotted at a muny one after struggling at Riviera in the first round of the Genesis Invitational. We're still not sure why he did that, but maybe he wanted to hit off a mat to get some confidence back. It's tough to miss off those things. Well, if you're any good at golf.

I once bumped into Vincent Pastore, AKA "Big Pussy" of Sopranos fame, and let me tell you, it didn't matter what surface he was using with that ugly golf swing. Vincent said he was practicing for some upcoming celebrity golf events, and if he ever played in any, I hope they gave any fans hard hats.

In truth, most golfers at the range resemble Vincent a lot more than Danny, but again, every once in awhile you can cross paths with a real player. And if you're really lucky, he might even offer you some golf tips.

Such was the case at a public course in the Dallas area on Wednesday as some random hackers got some help from Todd Hamilton. Yes, that Todd Hamilton. The man who shocked Ernie Els and the rest of the golf world by becoming the 2004 British Open champ. Have a look at these great photos taken by Kyle Thompson:

Pretty darn cool. That's a former CHAMPION GOLFER OF THE YEAR! Grow the game, indeed. What a scene. By the way, Kyle is no slouch himself as a former PGA Tour player and a five-time Korn Ferry Tour winner. So that's a lot of freaking golf talent on a random range!

According to Kyle, the hackers had no clue who Hamilton was, but it looks like they were open to learning. And it would be wise to listen to the two-time PGA Tour winner, especially if he's giving any tips on how to wield a hybrid around the greens. Just ask Ernie Els. Actually, don't ask Ernie about Todd. That's probably still a touchy subject two decades later.