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DIII New Jersey City University hit two threes in final five seconds to win, announcer loses mind (and probably voice too)

February 09, 2023

Look alive, folks. We have a Ball Week cooking here at The Loop. We've seen Chris Paul breaking ankles like it’s ‘07. There was a controversial 4-2 final down in Oklahoma. The Rockets blew it in spectacular fashion and Kevin Durant is now a Phoenix Sun. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster and it shows no signs of slowing down thanks to this electric footage of DIII New Jersey City University draining two threes in the final five seconds to turn a certain loss into an epic victory on Wednesday. Sound way up.

We know we’re supposed to be focused on the Waste Management Phoenix Open and a little thing called the Super Bowl this week, but how can you look away when the hardcourt hijinx is this good? Say what you want about the DIII competition, this is a finish for the ages—shades of Larry Bird in Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals against the Pistons if we may be so bold. The handful of close friends and family members watching in the fold-out bleachers will never forget this moment and now neither will you.

Even more spectacular than the finish, however, is the call, a hair-raising, voice-cracking explosion of pure, operatic adrenaline. Someone better get this hero a Ricola and a cup of Throat Coat, because the Gothic Knights (incredible name, by the way) go again on Friday. He’ll need to make a quick recovery if he wants to be on the mic for that one.