College basketball announcer celebrates way too early as teams trade incredible last-second shots

February 27, 2020

March Madness began a bit early on Wednesday night with the college basketball finish of the season between NCAA NAIA powerhouses programs Taylor University and Grace College. Seriously, this makes Christian Laettner's famed buzzer-beater look lame. (By the way, how about Duke losing to Wake Forest? Go Deacs! Sorry, back to this hot NAIA action … )

Down three in the closing seconds, Grace's Charlie Warner launched a long shot that banked in to tie the game at 82. But with 1.6 seconds left on the clock, Taylor's Mason Degenkolb took an inbounds pass and flung a three-quarter-court shot for the win. Check it out:

Sports! Just incredible. Not surprisingly, that announcer who wrongly thought Grace had sent the game into overtime got roasted on Twitter:

Although, to be fair, there usually isn't any time on the clock after a near-half-court heave. And certainly not 1.6 seconds! What was that dude thinking?!

In any event, what a wild sequence. Hopefully, that didn't bust your NAIA bracket.