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The Norwegian broadcast of Viktor Hovland's winning putt was pure electricity

February 24, 2020

Viktor Hovland provided one of the highlights of the early year in golf by draining a 30-footer on the final hole to win his first PGA Tour title. The call in his native country made it even better.

To say the Norwegian announcers doing the broadcast on Eurosport got excited when Hovland's putt rammed in the back of the hole, would be an understatement. No, they freaked out. Or, to put it in more scientific terms, they absolutely lost their shit. Watch and listen:

What a putt! What a moment! What a time to be alive! We have absolutely no idea what they're saying, but the beauty of sports is that you don't have to.

Hovland's dramatic birdie not only gave him his maiden win as a pro, but it gave all of Norway its first PGA Tour title. Congrats to him—and to these announcers. You truly never forget your first.

UPDATE: Thanks to our Scandinavian colleague, Stina Sternberg, we have a translation of the call. And it's fantastic:

00:12: Putting for Norway’s first PGA TOUR victory here, Viktor Hovland.
00:52: No—INSANE.
00:55: He putts it, and he DRAINS IT.
00:57: Hahaaa.
00:58: It’s firm as can be, and dead center!
01:02: He moved the hole, he hit it so hard!
01:05: He means business—hahahaaa.
01:09: It was hit so firm!
01:10: That’s one way to win it.
01:14: There it is, yeah.
01:20: Is it even POSSIBLE?
01:23: Hahaha—all you can do is smile.
01:27: What else can you say?
01:31: Did it really happen?
01:34: DUNKS it dead center.
01:35: It was hit so hard — hahaha

So good.