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The Italian broadcast of Francesco Molinari's winning putt was absolutely electric

March 11, 2019

Richard Heathcote

If we're being honest, Sunday's finish at the Arnold Palmer Invitational was more boring than last month's Super Bowl. Francesco Molinari posted a fantastic 64 more than two hours before the final group finished and no one ever got closer than two shots after that. But Molinari's final putt to cap his incredible round was undeniably exciting. And the description of the action by GOLFTV's Italian broadcast team might be the most exhilarating call of the golf season.

As someone who took Italian through the literature level in college (I was forced to), I can understand, well, not a lot. I know "Lunghissima" means very long and "Forza Francesco" translates to let's go, Francesco. But you don't need a dictionary to tell the announcers were happy when the 44-foot birdie putt dropped on Bay Hill's 18th hole. Check it out:

Pretty cool. And Francesco Molinari is pretty darn good. How do you say "underrated" in Italian?