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Dick Vitale tweets about college basketball and "the attacks on Al-Asad bases in Iraq," baby

January 08, 2020
North Carolina v Duke

Streeter Lecka

Ever since September 2009, Dick Vitale has been talking screaming to us plebians on all sorts of matters through Twitter, oftentimes updating us on basketball tidbits that we all already knew. The ESPN pundit's own website states that "Dick has no shortage of comments and ideas that he’s ready to share with the world" and that breakdown couldn't be more on the nose than it was on Wednesday afternoon, when—hours after Iranian missile strikes on U.S.-occupied Iraqi bases—Vitale delivered his most recent Hall-of-Fame tweet.

2020 began just over a week ago, but Vitale has earned himself an early nomination for tweet of the decade. It's one of those "you'll always remember where you were when you first saw this" tweets. The man is a true dual threat: A legend behind the microphone and on the interwebs.

Many of us, however, still have some questions and the comments have posed some valid discussion points for Vitale:

Both hypotheticals have been left open-ended from the renowned analyst.

Perhaps he'll break down the Iran conflict in greater detail during his next SEC Sunday Showcase appearance on the worldwide leader. It sounds AWESOME, BABY. (Congrats to Rutgers on the shoutout, by the way. Tip of the hat to them.)