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NAU basketball announcer goes nuts for game-winning buzzer beater … before realizing the score is still tied

February 28, 2023

Listen, when you’re calling 16-14 Weber State vs. 9-21 Northern Arizona University in late February, sometimes you gotta make your own fun. Both teams’ seasons are pretty much kaput. There’s very little to look forward to and even less to play for. You might as well be doing play-by-play for a funeral. But don’t take our word for it, just ask the announcer for Monday’s Big Sky showdown, who hilariously (and obliviously) turned this game-tying three into a game-winning buzzer beater through the power of pure wishful thinking. Sound up.

“THE LUMBERJACKS HAVE … the Lumberjacks have … tied the game?” It’s no “ANDDDD WE’RE GOING TO OVERTIME INNNN LEXING-TON!” but it will still be crashing on the couch in our heads until at least the end of the week. Best of all, it’s not the first completely premature CBB freakout we’ve heard this month, preceded by this NJCU announcer losing their mind over a three-pointer that pulled the Gothic Knights to within one. The madness has apparently arrived early.

As for the Lumberjacks, unfortunately the high of their imaginary victory quickly dissipated, and they eventually fell to the Wildcats 90-89. That drops them to 9-22 on the season, but in the heart of one announcer, they will forever be 10-21.