Bacon For Everybody

Virginia Tech fans going nuts after winning free bacon is the most electric moment of the college basketball season so far

February 22, 2023

The college basketball season is entering the homestretch. Everywhere you look, ordinarily sane Americans are talking first-four-in, last-four-out. They’re shredding practice brackets like CFOs shred tax documents and praying twice a day facing Philadelphia, the birthplace of Joe Lunardi. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Unfortunately for Virginia Tech, that road most likely leads to the NIT, but that didn’t stop the Hokies’ student section from losing their ever-loving minds on Tuesday as a pair of missed Miami free throws earned the entire arena free bacon. Sound way the heck up.

What a moment. What a call. Rece Davis is no stranger to spotlight as the figurehead of ESPN’s college football coverage, but “BACON FOR EVERYBODY! SIZZLE IT UP IN THE FRYING PAN!” might be his finest work yet. Congrats on the bacon, Rece.

While the promotion—which pledged free savory meat strips to Cassell Coliseum should Miami miss consecutive free throws at any point during Tuesday’s game—was a big win for the Hokies, the game, well, not so much. In the end they lost 76-70, the boon of free bacon unable to lift them to a late comeback. That should pretty much end Tech’s slim tourney hopes in 2023 ... not that anyone in the omelet line on Wednesday will care.