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Mets manager Mickey Callaway reaches new low, asks radio host if star player should participate in Home Run Derby

Detroit Tigers v New York Mets

Jim McIsaac

Year two for Mickey Callaway as manager of the New York Mets has gone just about as you'd expect. His two stud pitchers have grossly underperformed, the high-profile players acquired by new GM Brodie Van Wagenen have flat-out stunk and Yoenis Cespedes, who the franchise signed to a four-year, $110,000,000 million contract in 2017 only for him to promptly suffer injuries to both his heels that required surgery, re-injured himself while screwing around on his own ranch rather than rehabbing last month. So yeah, it's been a typical Mets-ian few months for Mickey.

On top of all that, Callaway has fudged up some major decisions on the field and often times made himself look foolish with the media. It's not that he has a bad relationship with them, it's that he's optimistic to a fault. When the team stinks, New York fans expect their managers and coaches to say they stink, to give them a kick in the rear end, etc. Callaway does not live by this philosophy, something Mets fans are beginning to no longer tolerate.

On Wednesday afternoon Callaway may have reached a new low with the fanbase during his weekly interview with Mike Francesa, aka New Yawk's Numbah One aka the guy who should have stayed in retirement (exhibit A, B and C here). Callaway, who was the one being interviewed, flipped that sh-t on Mike and asked him for his opinion on Mets rising star Pete Alonso participating in the Home Run Derby. You cannot make it up:

Being the egomaniac he is, Francesa was not taken aback, rather answering the question honestly and rambling on as only he can, which Callaway followed up by agreeing with him. Much like Mets fans who watched that, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

What's worse, other than the fact the manager of the Mets was asking a radio host if his player should be in the Derby, is that Callaway gave credence to Francesa's belief that he influences decisions made by the higher ups of the city's sports franchises. Francesa will tell you that he got Mike Piazza in a Mets uniform, that New York Giants owner John Mara and New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman listen to the show religiously and that his epic rants have gotten people fired. The crazy thing is, he's right! Just ask Ben McAdoo and John Idzik, who Francesa unleashed his fury on when he was at his wit's end, only for both to be relieved of their duties soon after. They don't call him Numbah One for nothing.

And now, he's got the Mets manager in the palm of his hand. Let's see how Mets fans are taking it:

Only the Mets indeed. The funny thing is, if any other manager in any other city asked this question to any other radio host, Francesa would torch them. But because it's his opinion that's being asked for, in his mind it's a completely valid question. Kings stay kings.