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Caller says that Mighty Ducks character could play well in NCAA Tournament, Mike Francesa has no clue

Thanks to, as he would call it, "Twittah," Mike Francesa has become somewhat of a joke amongst those who frequent the social media app. His every move is watched like a hawk, and the older he gets and the more he talks, the more his glaring lack of sports knowledge is amplified. Had he just remained in retirement he would be remembered as the New York Sports radio god that he is (this will still be how he'll be remembered, for the most part), but he does his legacy no favors when he's falling for fake, photoshopped pictures or saying Jeremy Shockey, who caught the go-ahead touchdown in the 2010 Super Bowl, never won a Super Bowl.

This week, you can expect a few more moments like those, and we've already been treated to a couple. In his old age, Mike really only watches the NFL and the Yankees and Mets regularly. For everything else, he just makes stuff up on the fly, which makes the NCAA Tournament ripe for Francesa gaffes. We begin with this one from Tuesday, when a caller mentions that he likes 12-seeded Oregon to upset 5-seeded Wisconsin, as long as bruiser Dean Portman goes hard in the paint:

Dean Portman, of course, is a fictional character from the Mighty Ducks movies, rather than a power forward that plays for the Oregon Ducks. To be fair to Mike, he doesn't actually break down Portman's game or refer to Portman at all, but I promise you he has absolutely no idea if Oregon has or doesn't have a player named Dean Portman. That's why he went into his little Oregon diatribe, which is just generalizations about them being well-coached and a good defensive team, both true statements despite Mike watching zero Oregon games this season. In that sense, it's impressive he can maneuver his way around this prank call without knowing he was being pranked. Had he known, he would have quickly hung up on the guy, called him a "fool" or a "clown" and told him that he's "been doin' dis foah thirty yeez" and that he has no time for "ya gawbij."

As for the below clip, well, he's not going to be able to talk his way around this one when a caller inevitably brings it up during Wednesday's show:


Ugh, poor Mike. This is all out of love. He'll always be New Yawk's Numbah 1 in my heart.