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New York radio legend Mike Francesa thought Todd Gurley's fake referee jersey swap picture was real, leading to social media GOLD

Following what many are dubbing the worst call in NFL history in the NFC Championship game, L.A. Rams running back Todd Gurley posted a questionable picture to his Instagram account. In the last few years, the "jersey swap" has become a huge thing among fellow players, a sign of respect after bashing each other's brains in on the battle field. It's a great photo opportunity, and it's always ripe for a boat load of "these players are all to lovey dovey together" takes.

But Gurley didn't swap jerseys with any member of the New Orleans Saints. I doubt even if he wanted to that any Saints player would have been in the mood to do so. Instead, with the help of some photoshop work, Gurley posted a photo of him swapping his jersey with head referee Bill Vinovich, essentially thanking he and his crew for completely blowing the game and putting the Rams in the Super Bowl:

Immediately after he posted it, the general reaction was "did he really just post that?" Surely, he would delete it, but as you can see, it's still on his Instagram account. Prior to opening up his radio show on Monday, New York radio legend Mike Francesa must have been shown the picture, and he apparently has never heard of Photoshop. That or he is the most gullible person on the planet. Listen closely to this clip that was a part of Francesa's opening monologue:

For those who have followed Francesa's last few years on radio, this is hardly surprising. Despite the fact he has two young sons, and producers who I hope didn't also think the Gurley picture was real, Francesa still managed to embarrass himself by thinking an NFL player swapped jerseys with a referee after they blew a call in one of the biggest games of the season. New Yawk's Numbah 1 gets things woefully wrong daily, but this is a different level of wrong. He soon found out this was all a farce, or "a fawce" as he would say:

Thank god, indeed. As you might imagine, social media was not kind, as many of Francesa's haters relish moments like this. But let's not focus on the hate, but rather the A+ content Francesa's gaffe produced from many of his loyal fans:

I can't stand that the only form of comedy anymore is people superimposing heads on movie or television characters, but when they do it with Francesa it is never not funny. These are the facts.