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Jacob deGrom wins Cy Young, Mets still somehow get ROASTED by guy making the announcement

November 14, 2018

Even when the Mets win, they still lose.

Case in point, this soon-to-be-viral announcement of New York ace Jacob deGrom winning the NL Cy Young, an award he 100-percent deserved after his historic year. While many believed he was a lock, there was still that tiny bit of doubt that he could get beat out by Washington Nationals hurler Max Scherzer, who notched 18 wins to go with his 2.53 ERA and 300 strikeouts. deGrom's stats were equally as eye-popping, as he posted an even better ERA of 1.70 and struck out 269 batters, but he lacked in just one area: wins. The right-hander went 10-9, which should be considered a minor miracle because of the team he played for.

Would the writers really choose Scherzer over deGrom, showing the win for starting pitchers still has value? Luckily, for the sake of the Amazins' fanbase, they did not, as deGrom was announced as the winner on Wednesday night, but not before the guy who made the announcement dropped an all-time random dagger on deGrom's teammates. Have a listen:

Jack O'Connell from the top rope!! Who is Jack O'Connell? No idea! Apparently, he's the Secretary and Treasurer of the Baseball Writers' Association of America (I think), but on Wednesday night, he also earned a new title: Owner of the New York Mets. With the way the Wilpons run the team, some Mets fans might welcome that. What an uncalled for, yet unbelievably perfect shot at this poor franchise. It's truly amazing how everyone forgets they were just in the World Series in 2015. Only the Mets could make that a DISTANT memory.

The thing you have to love about Mets fans though, is that they will take this one on the chin without batting an eye. You think this is the worst they've ever heard about their team? Please. Just look at some of the social media reaction to see what I'm talking about:

All four of those people have "Mets fan" or something along those lines in their Twitter bios. They get it.