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Max Homa came dangerously close to his own Bryson-rope moment with a tee box sign

January 27, 2023

PGA Tour funnyman Max Homa is the undisputed King of Golf Twitter, but he came dangerously close on Thursday to being the butt of never-ending jokes in his own social media empire. And to having a pretty nasty headache.

During the second round of the 2023 Farmers Insurance Open, the 6-foot-1 Homa bumped his head on a tee box sign at Torrey Pines. But thanks to a quick reaction—and because Max is an elite athlete as he likes to remind us from time to time—the five-time PGA Tour winner was able to duck out of the way before any real damage was done. Both to his noggin and his ego. See for yourself:

Phew. That was really, really close to another Bryson DeChambeau gallery rope situation right there. It could have been a tough couple weeks for Max!

Instead, he emerged unscathed. In fact, through two rounds at Torrey Pines he's in great shape to pick up a sixth career win. And, of course, had the last word.

The King of Golf Twitter, indeed.