124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Fore Right

Masters 2021: Ian Poulter's caddie brutally shanks one on 16th hole, gets mocked by his boss

Two of the best Wednesday traditions at the Masters—the Par 3 Contest and players skipping balls across the pond at the 16th hole—were taken from fans in November due to COVID-19. Thankfully, one of them returned this week, though Ian Poulter's caddie Terry Mundy probably wishes it hadn't.

Late Wednesday evening, presumably after Poulter and his playing partners skipped balls across the pond on 16, Poulter handed Mundy a club and let him have a go. It's ununsual to see caddies take a stab at it, and the result of Munday's shot might get this potentially new tradition banned for good. Have a watch if you dare:

Oh no. That will likely be the first and last time a looper takes a swipe at 16. Fore right, folks. At least the setup was nice, as fellow Englishman Lee Westwood pointed out: 

Brutal, especially the part where Poulter basically pointed and laughed in his face. Mundy knew the video was going to hit the internet too, adding to the post-shank pain:

Tough scene for Mundy, though he could kindly remind Poults who he learned this shot from: