Rock Chalk

Jayhawks security's reaction to fans ripping up the goalposts after Kansas ended their bowl drought is the funniest thing you’ll ever hear

November 07, 2022

Saturday was one of the craziest days college football has seen in years. Tennessee, Alabama, and Clemson all fell to lower-seeded opposition. The Spartans stormed back to beat a very good Illinois team after the lowest point in their program’s history. Miami hit a rock bottom of their own. So on and so forth. It was a bottomless brunch of storylines, but amidst the mimosa pitchers and eggs benedict, one news bulletin almost snuck by: With their 37-16 upset of Oklahoma State, the Kansas Jayhawks became bowl eligible for the first time since 2008, ending the longest active postseason drought in FBS.

Needless to say, the crowd in Lawrence went wild.

Those uprights eventually made it to the bottom of nearby Potter Pond, which was a surprise to no one within a 100 mile radius, least of all the Kansas Memorial Stadium security coordinator, who delivered one of the absolute funniest soundbites of the college football season after the game.

Huge Michael Scott energy here. Welp, we didn’t do our jobs, but we kind of expected that right? Shit happens. That's what she said. I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!

In all fairness though, what are you gonna do? You’ve got like 30 underpaid employees vs. a couple thousand hammered Jayhawks coeds who are getting warmed up for basketball season. You have two choices: Get out of the way or get run over. It’s a pretty easy call. Plus, Kansas is in Lubbock this weekend. That gives them plenty of time to fish those posts out of the lake.