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The University of Tennessee is crowdfunding new goalposts after Saturday’s field-storming win over Alabama

October 17, 2022

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but everything is coming up Vols at the moment. On Saturday, Tennessee held on for a wild 52-49 over Nick Saban’s Alabama juggernaut. It was the Vols’ first win over Alabama since 2006. It was the most points conceded by the Crimson Tide in 115 years. The win made Tennessee the first team in college football history to start the season 6-0 while beating four top-25 opponents and scoring over 30 points in each game. There’s just one teensie, weensie little problem:

Neyland Stadium now needs new goalposts.

Apparently you need uprights to play a college football game—even one against Tennessee-Martin—and the University of Tennessee is wasting no time replacing them, launching a Kickstarter-style campaign (dubbed the “Volstarter”) to fund the endeavor.

We know what you’re thinking: Tennessee can absolutely afford new goalposts. A single booster could fund them with their weekly grocery bill. And you are right, but why pick up the check when you can go to the bathroom and wait it out until someone else eventually does? And so far it’s worked for UT, who have raised $75,664—almost exactly half of their $150,000 goal—in a little over 18 hours. Initially we thought the so-called “My All” campaign was a joke, but a couple of clicks and a required field or two lead us to the opportunity to donate very real U.S. currency, including Vols-themed amounts like $16—the number of seasons since Tennessee last defeated Alabama—and $52.59—the final score of Saturday's barnburner.

Hilarious? Sure. Craven? Definitely, but Tennessee fans won’t mind one bit. They’re on cloud nine—top of the ol’ rocky top, if you will—and nothing can bring them down … not even that next tuition bill.