124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Cheese Whiz

Justin Turner launches a giant, cheesy nacho ball into the Los Angeles night

Baseball has been back all of two weeks, and already it has graced us with a seemingly bottomless cornucopia of dingers. We’ve seen snow dingers, pitcher dingers, revenge dingers, and, of course, Acuna dingers, but on Wednesday evening, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner launched perhaps the rarest dinger of them all: The legendary Nacho Ball. Feast (ahem) your eyes.

Incredible stuff. No one will ever topple the infamous Lady Friar, who once caught a foul ball in her beer and then chugged it, from her lofty perch, but this lone, queso-smothered hero has come the closest.


Harry How

The bad news? It was only the bottom of third with no outs at the time of the incident, so this guy had to sit through five-and-a-half innings of baseball soaked in synthetic wholesale cheese product. The good news? The home run, Turner’s third of the year already, helped the Dodgers to 4-2 win, making the defending champs the first team to 10 dubyas this season. Nachos or no nachos, that’s not a bad night at the ballpark.