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Two grown men brought their gloves to a baseball game and still couldn't catch a ball hit directly at them

September 26, 2019

Once you hit a certain age as a sports fan, some things are just not okay. Among them: wearing a jersey, putting on face paint/wearing a costume or bringing your baseball glove to a game. Sure, there are exceptions, like if you bring your son and he wants to bring his glove too, or if you're Foul Ball Guy, who is obviously a little bit of a weird dude but snagging balls at baseball games is his thing. Other than those two exceptions though, you cannot be wearing a baseball mitt to a game as a 35-year-old.

But hey, to each their own. This is America after all. If you want to bring your glove and sit there for nine innings waiting for a baseball that will never, ever come in your direction, go for it. That said, if by some miracle one does come to you, you better freaking catch it.

Two grown men found themselves in this exact situation on Wednesday night at the St. Louis Cardinals-Arizona Diamondbacks game in Phoenix. Sitting in the front row in left field, these two men converged on a home run ball hit by D-Backs second baseman Wilmer Flores, and not only did neither of them catch it, but them crashing into each other caused the ball to go back onto the field:

That is about as embarrassing as it gets, folks. Adding insult to injury was the fact this screenshot will live on for all of eternity, a reminder that you brought a glove to a game, somehow had a ball hit directly at you and still failed to haul it in:

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 9.18.20 AM.png

Next time, leave the glove at home. Catching it barehanded looks a lot cooler anyway.