The Red Sox are dead as a doornail but at least fans have this Mookie Betts throw to hold them over until next year

September 24, 2019

The 2019 Boston Red Sox are dead as a doornail. Done. Finished. They haven't played in a truly meaningful game since August, and their 2018 World Series win is now a distant memory, and will only become more distant when the 2019 champion is crowned. They fired Dave Dombrowski, the bullpen embarrassed itself throughout the year, and they're stuck with David Price until 2022 and Chris Sale until 2024. Their farm system? According to everything you read, it stinks. As a New York Yankee fan, you really just hate to see it. It would have been nice to have them in the playoffs, but, alas, they ain't invited.

At least the Sox fans still have Mookie Betts, who won the AL MVP a season ago and played a massive role in helping Boston win its ninth ring. Betts, by his standards, had a down year in 2019, though it was impossible to live up to the season he had in 2018. He still made the All Star team, still has six games left to reach the 30 homer mark for a second straight year (he's at 28) and he's already scored a career-high 133 runs. He's also still making absolutely ridiculous defensive plays like this one on Monday night against the Tampa Bay Rays:

That one should hold over the Sox fans until next year, which could potentially be Betts' final year in Boston. Could you imagine not signing this guy to a long-term deal? As of now, the Sox have not, and Betts becomes a free agent at the en d of 2020. What a shame it'd be to see him go. An even bigger shame that this throw happened in a completely meaningless game. But as an unbiased journalist, I simply had to point it out and tip my cap. That was Ramon Laureano-esque.