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Dad-of-the-year bare-hands Phillies homer while holding baby

July 24, 2018

You go to every soccer practice. You help with the algebra homework. You changed diapers then and you let them play Fortnite now. You're the dad of the year...or at least you were, until this guy stepped into the ring. Honey, you might want change the channel:

So OK, not the greatest idea in human history. Babies have soft skulls and generally don't like being doused in Miller Lite. The smart play would have been to get out of the way of the hurtling baseball...or not pick seats labeled "Hoskins' Homer Alley"...or to leave your infant child with grandma when attending a live Philadelphia sporting event. But Phillies fans are gonna Phillies fan, especially when local shithead/hero Chase Utley is in the house for the final time, and so it was and forever will be.

Suffice to say, the Missus isn't going to be pleased when she gets back from her Nick Foles Appreciation Night and sees this, but at least this guy remembered his Roy Halladay (RIP) jersey. He's going to need every brownie point the universe can give him, and that little extra karma certainly can't hurt.