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J.R. Smith golf doc trailer drops, of course he’s not wearing a shirt

March 22, 2023
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We’re truly in the boom times when it comes to documentaries.

From the Netflix sports docuseries to the true crime bonanza to the cameras that have been following me for the last week or so, seemingly everything and everyone has a doc in production. However, not everyone is J.R. Smith, and not every documentary has the hard sell of seeing a legendary NBA champ going back to college to finish his studies and join the golf squad.

This one does.

It starts with J.R. Smith “forgetting” his shirt—immediate subscribe—and builds from there.

Not only does Amazon Prime’s Redefined: J.R. Smith look like a fun time with interesting talking heads and a compelling main character, but it looks to have a bigger end goal in mind, on a celebrity rewriting their narrative after reaching the mountaintop so early in life. What does one do after that?

It’s something we’ve discussed with the outsized personality himself, and certainly a series we’ll be checking out when it drops on April 4th. The J.R. Smith-North Carolina A&T State University saga is undoubtedly worth an inside look at. We’re grateful that the doc windfall has reached this far, solely for this.

To those putting this series together, make sure to reach out to us here at The Loop if you need anyone to explain what the cut is.