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How to shop for the female golfer this holiday season

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Below, we share 12 tips to keep in mind when it comes to shopping for the special female golfers in your life. These work for the holiday season, birthdays, and every celebration in between. While these guidelines offer customizable approaches as you check off every player on your list, the most important rule to keep in mind is research. Hopefully these points inspire an idea you like, and from there, make sure to put in a little extra time to read a few reviews or articles to find the best product, or size, or color, that’s right for her. And sometimes, research just means keeping an open mind and listening to the female golfers in your life—or perhaps asking questions—so you have a better idea of who they are, and what they like.
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1. When in doubt, go back to the basics

Whether this is a golfer you know well or just met, you can’t go wrong with the basics—especially if you go for elevated, high-quality products. Think all-natural, silky sunscreen (something you can never have too much of), a nice leather-bound notebook for score-keeping, an upgraded speaker for upgraded vibes on the course, or a well-knit sports towel made with organic fibers.

2. Don’t fall for the pink & sparkles trap—unless she loves it!

No matter how old the golfer you’re shopping for is, don’t assume she’ll love a golf product just because it’s marketed for women. Think about what you know about her style. Does she usually wear bright colors, or does she prefer a neutral palette? Does she go for a laid-back vibe on-course or does she enjoy the more fashion-forward approach to exercise apparel? Is her phone case funny and ironic, perhaps with a pop culture reference? Or is it more understated and sophisticated? You can take note of these fairly easily, in most cases, which can help give you an idea of her style and shop accordingly. Of course, if she loves shimmer and pink, then dive right in.

3. Think about what she needs

If the golfer you’re shopping for is a frequent member of your foursome, then is there anything you noticed from playing with her? For example, is she missing a headcover on one of her clubs? Is she always misplacing her pens, tees, or ball markers? Are her shoes or raincoat looking like they’ve seen better days? These are all great signposts that she might appreciate a gifted upgrade or replacement to her well worn and loved favorites.

4. Personalized touches are always a safe bet

This is another safe option whether you’re shopping for someone you know well, like a wife or daughter, or someone you don’t, like a boss or colleague. From personalized headcovers and ball markers to monogrammed tennis bracelets and towels, gifting her something with her name on it, or even better, a favorite quote or catchphrase, is a great way to show you care.

5. Take advantage of holiday deals and gift sets

A lot of brands offer gift sets with a larger range of products at a discounted price, in smaller sample or travel sizes and neat packaging. Consider looking for a nice or fun skin or hair care set she can break up and throw in her golf bag or save for her next buddies’ trip away, or perhaps a golf brand that’s running a deal so you can get more bang for your buck.

6. Ask one of her girlfriends to help with sizing

Buying golf gear that requires sizes, such as apparel, clubs, or some accessories, is always a bit of a risk. But it’s also a great way to show you went the extra mile, taking time to learn the right size or source a few extra options so she can figure out which suits her best. If you’re buying a product from a brand she loves, ask one of her friends to help you sneakily learn her size. If it’s a new product, look for a safe return deal and buy a size up and down too so she can get the right fit.

7. Save some gifts for her to buy herself

While it’s a lovely instinct to want to buy her a new club set, larger purchases like that are often more personalized choices, and investments, that she would want to be involved in. If you really want to make this work, talk to her! Or surprise her with the gift of a fitting appointment and perhaps a gift card to the pro shop, so you can still be involved and demonstrate you care without taking away her agency.

8. Double check shipping times and return policies

This is true for golfers and non-golfers, though it’s been especially true these past few years in the golf world as supply chains have put holds on many products from apparel to clubs. Start early if you can, and if you can’t, prioritize gifts that offer shipping guarantees. And as for return policies, make sure she will have plenty of time to try the product and return it (for free) once you’ve gifted it to her.

9. You can’t go wrong with experiential gifts

When we think about gift-giving, some of us feel excitement, but many of us feel stress. What if she hates it, or it doesn’t fit, or you find out she already owns this? That’s why we love experiential gifts. Plus, studies show that these are often more memorable and therefore read as more meaningful. For the golfer in your life, consider gifting a spa treatment tailored toward athletes or outdoorsy women, or a post-round yoga session or wine tasting nearby her course, or even a swing clinic or lesson with a pro.

10. Surprise her with the gift wrapping—and don’t forget a card

Especially if you’ve gone the route of asking your favorite female golfer what she might like to receive, don’t skimp on packaging. Find a fun (and even corny) golf-related gift bag or wrapping paper, or write her a card (or, if that’s not your style, a sweet doodle) to add some extra personalization.

11. Take time to research quality

While product reviews can be a quagmire, they’re often beneficial. Another great place to look to ensure you’re buying the best on the market, are our Editors' Choice guides and product reviews for a cultivated set of products sure to please.

12. And finally, shop her values

Is she the type of woman who values brand loyalty and matches her glove to her club, for example? Or does she love to give back, and would appreciate a gift in which proceeds go toward a good cause? Does she care about the environment and want to convert her golf game to be more sustainable? Or perhaps she prefers goods that are 100 percent made in the USA? Whatever type of woman, and golfer, she is, keep this in mind as you’re browsing the web, catalogs, and pro shops for the perfect gift.

And if all else fails, check out our holiday gifts guides to spark some ideas and see what’s out there.

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