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Players 2023: Enthusiastic fan does backflip for Rory McIlroy autograph (for some reason)

March 08, 2023

A backflip isn’t easy. I’ve never attempted one nor do I have the desire to attempt one—I’ve had enough concussions in my life—but even the thought of trying it sends a strike of fear through my heart and pain through my back.

And yet, this Rory McIlroy fan can do one at the drop of a hat. While in tight pants too. Very impressive.

We’re not 100% sure if Rory actually saw it, but his half-hearted “wow” says quite a lot.

There’s no real reason to do a backflip for the reigning FedEx Cup winner, but there’s certainly no reason not to. It’s definitely a way to make your mark; and, look, he made it onto the PGA Tour’s Twitter account.

It would be a fun running bit if fans across the globe started doing backflips when encountering McIlroy. How would James Hahn feel about that? Who knows, he skipped the meeting.