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Bengals cornerback Eli Apple just dragged the Buffalo Bills to hell and back on Twitter

Remember Eli Apple? He was the guy who, according to the internet, single-handedly lost Super Bowl LVI for the Cincinnati Bengals. After the game, he took his fair share of flack on social media for it too.

Now Apple is paying it forward, logging on Monday night to drag members of the Buffalo Bills to hell and back in one of the great Twitter troll performances in NFL history. Ladies and gentlemen of western New York, please avert your eyes.

That’s just a snippet of Apple’s warpath, which also included a murderers' row of retweets …

You might think that Apple is getting his righteous revenge on a league that did him wrong (certainly that’s what he thinks) but the reality is Apple is a target for a reason. Following last year’s AFC Championship victory over the Chiefs, Apple trolled Kansas City players relentlessly on Twitter. After Apple's iffy Super Bowl performance, they launched their counter-attacks. Before all of that, Apple flamed out of the Giants organization in spectacular fashion. Then teammate Landon Collins called him a “cancer” on a New York radio show, and at his rebuttal press conference, Apple sat down, told reporters “I gotta take a sh*t,” stood up and never came back. He was eventually shipped off to Cincinnati, the NFL’s de-facto home for misfit cornerbacks.

In other words, watch this space. When you talk as much as Apple, you rarely get the last word. Should the Bengals lose on Sunday, in the Super Bowl or to the Bills at some point next postseason, buckle up. You might think there’s no shade left to throw, but in the immortal words of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, you ain’t seen nothing yet.