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Damn, even the Dallas Cowboys' main account has had it with Dak Prescott

Let's preface this by saying that the fact team Twitter accounts need to tweet out the final score after a loss is one of the dumbest things going right now. If you follow your team closely enough, you're going to know the result of the game before it gets tweeted out. It serves zero purpose other than allowing everyone to clown on the team, which they're going to do anyway with or without the "Final. (insert final score)" tweet.

On top of that, the final score tweet never gets to the crux of why the team lost, and it never, ever specifically calls out a player. In fact, one Los Angeles Lakers fan/sicko went back and looked at all the final score tweets after a loss last year and noticed that the main account never uses LeBron James' picture in said tweets. That fan is likely also a Dallas Cowboys fan, so his antennas must have went up on Sunday evening when the Dallas Cowboys' main account sent a tweet that more or less called out the quarterback, Dak Prescott:

Now, in fairness, this is a tweet to the game story on dallascowboys dot com, not the actual "Final." tweet. That came a few hours earlier, and Prescott happened to be in the graphic:

Just so stupid. Like, the entire country watched the game, but we need a tweet reminding us what the final score was? Enough already. 

But back to the game story tweet - that one specifically calls out Prescott, and the language in it is that of a fan. "Dak Prescott gave the ball away twice" and "had a chance to win if they didn't generate self-inflicted wounds." Ouch. That's a social admin who has had enough of No. 4 in Big D. You could say this person is just regurgitating what the actual writer wrote, but they could have chosen a lot of different things from the story. Or simply tweeted out "Recap." like they do with "Final." and call it a day. To specifically call out Dak, who has a cap hit of $52 million next year, is an absolute scene.

Glad we're not the only ones who noticed it. Going to be another looooong offseason in Dallas.