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Stefon Diggs watching slap fighting for the first time is platinum-tier internet content

January 19, 2023

On Sunday, Stefon Diggs will suit up for the Buffalo Bills' much-anticipated AFC Divisional showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals. He will put on pads and a helmet and trot out there, risking life and limb to play what is essentially a gladiator sport for money. It's not an occupation for the squeamish, but it’s nothing compared to the viral sport of slap fighting, which Diggs was horrified (and fascinated) to discover on basic cable on Wednesday. Check it out.

Incredible stuff. This is pretty much everybody’s reaction when they first come across slap fighting, which to the surprise of no one, originated in Russia before emigrating to TBS. Diggs hits all the beats—sickened and confused, but too morbidly curious to look away. “This is some crazy sh*t right here,” he says. “They right here smacking the sh*t out each other.”

Indeed they are, Stefon.

In the video, Diggs writes that he never watches traditional TV anymore—only Netflix—but he picked a good night to tune in. As it turns out, he caught the premiere episode of Dana White’s new ‘Power Slap’ reality series, an eight-episode journey into wild world of professional slapping in which combatants vie not only for their place in the Power Slap House, but the coveted Power Slap title. It airs on TBS after AEW Dynamite on Wednesdays, in case you’re wondering about the target demographic, which may now include Diggs.