Jack of All Trades

Like everything else about Bryson DeChambeau, you’re going to either love or hate dancing TikTok Bryson

November 10, 2021

Scientist. Gamer. Long driver. Competitive eater. The artist formerly known as Brooksy. Like George Costanza before him, there are many shades of Bryson DeChambeau, all of them lightning rods. In a sport that regularly breaks its own back to avoid controversy, DeChamebeau has courted it at every waking second, becoming a walking, talking billboard for our increasingly polarized opinions. Is that fair? Not entirely. Is it going to change anytime soon?

No. No it is not.

So there you have it, folks. Dancing TikTok Bryson has officially arrived. You will either love this or you will hate this. There will be no in between, no gray area, no hedging, and absolutely no riding of the fence. This will either make you want to get up and shake it or throw your phone (and possibly yourself) into the ocean.

How do we at The Loop Mind Hive feel? Well, on one hand, the guy is doing what he wants to do and making a couple of PIP bucks along the way. You can’t fault a man for putting food on the table, can you? On the other, sometimes athletes really should just sTicK tO sPoRtS, and this certainly feels like one of those times. (Also if this dude is 6’ 1”, we have some Jupiter swampland to sell you).

Then again, the question is not what we think. The real question, with another Bryson-starring installment of The Match ahead of us and a years’ worth of petty bickering in the rearview, is what Brooks thinks.

A penny for your thoughts, Mr. Koepka?