Florida Man

Brooks Koepka shouting “you’re a f—king traffic cone” at Aaron Ekblad while holding a traffic cone is LIV Golf's best highlight yet

The number-one talking point we heard from LIV Golf defectors as they jumped ship last year was that the upstart league was more player-friendly. The schedule wasn’t as packed as the PGA Tour's and the tournaments were a full day shorter. In their newfound free time, they would be able to spend more time with their families. They would get to go to weddings and celebrate birthdays. They would be able to be more loving husbands and more attentive fathers. They would also, as it turns out, be able to go Florida Panthers games and shout obscenities at the rafters while holding giant traffic cones to their crotches.

Half-zipped tracksuit. No undershirt. Screaming “YOU SUCK!” at a professional athlete as if the man personally wronged him. Well, folks it’s finally happened. Brooks Kopeka has finally, become Florida Man.

Now we have no way of knowing if this is 100% actually Brooks Koepka, but if it looks like Brooks Koepka and talks like Brooks Koepka, well, you get the picture. And if it is actually him, then we honestly can’t say we blame him. The Panthers’ blueliners gave up four goals to the Rangers on Saturday. They have a bottom-third defensive unit, conceding 3.42 goals per game in 2022-23. Brooks has seen enough. Get Ekblad out. After all, he quit his job for this sh*t.