Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 3, 2018

Best Golf Headcovers

Headcovers are often an afterthought, but they shouldn't be. These little pieces of material we slide over our drivers, woods and putters not only protect our clubs, they offer a fun opportunity to inject some personality into our overall golf look. (Because, yes, a golf bag is absolutely an extension of a golf outfit.) Far too often, we stick with the default headcover provided by a manufacturer, but unless that manufacturer is paying you to play its product, it's time to ditch it for a conversation-starter that you'll be proud to carry. Headcovers are broadly available in three categories: knit, fabric and leather. Here are our favorites per category.

Stitch uses a durable three-gauge knit and water-resistant techno wool in designs that pay homage to throwback offerings while providing the technology needed to protect your clubs in all conditions.

Seamus is available in a wide variety of designs, tartans and materials and gives you the opportunity to customize each headcover with your initials, name or logo.

Made with soft, durable, high-end leathers and materials, Dormie Workshop creates headcovers in a wide variety of designs and also encourages golfers to contact the company directly to build headcovers from scratch.

Knit: Stitch, $29-$68

Fabric: Seamus Golf, $55-$75

Leather: Dormie Workshop, $69-$150


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