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March 24, 2020

Best Cleats

It isn’t often in golf that a 17-year-old product still stands as the paradigm of technology. But then scan the reports of the winners’ equipment across the major professional tours on a typical week, and you’ll consistently see the same product appear. Though you might often find a familiar ball name, the product that appears more often over the past decade-and-half-plus is the Softspikes Pulsar, our 2020 Editors’ Choice cleat. The Pulsar has bucked the onslaught of modern technology because like, say, the wheel, it perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the job from the moment of its conception. That’s why odds are about one in two that if you’ve bought a new golf shoe with cleats in the outsole since the Pulsar’s introduction in 2003, Pulsars were in them, or you eventually replaced them with Pulsars.

Contained within its quarter-size circle are eight pliable arms and 16 separate components that flex and grip with each change in foot pressure. Pulsar’s eight arms provide more than twice the flexibility of any cleat on the market and remain resilient enough to provide plenty of cushion as you walk your second 18 of the day. The underside’s smart redesign (the low-profile Fast Twist 3.0) makes it compatible with the majority of outsole receptacles on the market, ensuring your cleats stay put no matter how violent your downswing—until you want to change them. Of course, if you’re being honest, that cleat change should be soon, if not yesterday. And with more than a dozen color options, the Pulsar shows that even something old can look new again.

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