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Belarusian soccer player proposes to girlfriend after goal, security thinks she’s a pitch invader and shoves her out of the way

November 15, 2022

It’s Soccer Week here at The Loop. The World Cup is just days away and we’re combing the globe for the best footy headlines available. So far our journey has taken us from Ted Lasso billboards in the Midwest to $200-a-night sardine cans in Qatar, but today we’re headed for our most remote locale yet: Belarus. Specifically the Belarusian First League, where Smorgon defeated Volna Pinsk 2-0 on Saturday.

In the 85th minute, Smorgon’s Vladislav Shubovich tucked away a penalty kick, sealing the win for Smorgon. But instead of wheeling way to the corner flag, he approached the section his girlfriend was sitting in, got down on one knee, and produced a ring. The only problem? Stadium security didn’t get the memo.

As Shubovich’s girlfriend made her way to the pitch, the painfully oblivious steward in orange sprung into action, shoving her back thinking she was just an ordinary pitch invader. That prompted Shubovich to then shove him and for a brief second things very nearly got very ugly. Thankfully the referee quickly intervened, love triumphed, and everybody went safe, sound, and, in the case of Shubovichs, engaged. Say what you want Belarusian soccer (not to mention the blatant time wasting), but that’s more than most Islanders fans can say.