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All-time good guy Jason Kipnis helps Indians fans with ballpark gender reveal

We're pleased to report that this whole gender reveal thing seems to have tapered off. This time last year, the internet was flooded with elaborate unveilings featuring everything from alligators to the Philly Special, but when an Arizona man plead guilty to an explosive mishap that ended up scorching over 45,000 acres and causing $8 million dollars worth of damage, the trend went up in, um, smoke. Thanks to Jason Kipnis, however, a reveal renaissance may yet be in the works, with the Cleveland Indians' second baseman helping a pair of Indians fans with their very own celebration on Monday afternoon.

Man, talk about a good guy. Not only does Kipnis trot all the way over in the mist and the cold to help this couple hit their baby moonshot, he also takes a face full of pink chalk and keeps on smiling. Then he presents the couple with the bat to take home and poses for a picture, because everyone knows that if it doesn't get 'grammed, you're not really pregnant. Hey Trump, while you're digging that Presidential Medal of Freedom out for Tiger, how about grabbing an extra for J-dawg here?

Elsewhere in Ohio baseball, the pre-game festivities weren't quite as heartwarming, with a swarm of vicious bees leading to a rare bee delay down at the Great American Ball Park. Honestly, we're not sure which is more annoying—an invasive viral trend or an invasive species—but for now we'll give the benefit of the doubt to the one that CAN'T sting you in the eyeball.