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Here's the "Philly Special" gender reveal you've been waiting for

In the months following Super Bowl LII, the "Philly Special" has become an inedible version of the Philly cheesesteak—an ooey, gooey embodiment of Philadelphia that's so damn good the rest of the world just has to suck it up and admit it. We've seen the tattoos and the the suit linings, but now we finally have the piece de resistance:

The Philly Special Gender Reveal (courtesy of some dude who goes by @donnyfootball93 online, because obviously).

Overall pretty good execution. The snap is a little low and the decoy routes aren't quite as crisp as you'd want—plus no way real-life Doug Pederson is getting away with flip flops on the sideline—but the mission was to find out the gender of this kid and the mission was accomplished. Given some of the gender reveals we've seen lately, that's more than some people can say.

Elsewhere in the City of Brotherly Love, the Phillies are perched atop the NL East and the Sixers' path to the Finals no longer goes through LeBron. Looks like little Nikki Foles is entering the world at just the right time...