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Eagles fan gets tattoo of "Philly Special" trick play that helped win Super Bowl LII

February 07, 2018

Considering the Philadelphia Eagles' rabid fanbase caused crews to grease the city's light poles with Crisco, we shouldn't be surprised by anything their supporters do in the wake of the franchise's first Super Bowl win. Still, this tattoo is pretty spectacular.

One Eagles fan got inked up with the Xs and Os of the now famed "Philly Special" trick play near the end of the first half that helped the Eagles win Super Bowl LII. Check it out:

That's some serious dedication to your squad right there. And some serious attention to detail from that tattoo artist/offensive coordinator.

Since pulling off the play -- and the upset -- we've learned more about this legendary play call. Here's quarterback Nick Foles suggesting it to head coach Doug Pederson and then hauling in the unexpected touchdown catch:

"That was something we'd been working on, and Doug and I were talking -- I was like, 'Let's just run it.' And it was a good time," Foles said after the game. "And the end was a little wider than I thought, so I really needed to sell like I'm not doing anything. And it worked -- Burton made an amazing throw right on the money; I just looked it in. We worked on it for a while [in practice], so I was excited for it to get a run in the Super Bowl."

And now one fan will be excited to show off this special tat for the rest of his life.