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Picasso would be jealous of this Bills fan's tattoo of Andy Dalton jumping through a table

January 08, 2018

The Buffalo Bills may have been dumped out of the playoffs on Sunday just as suddenly as they arrived, but the way they got there will live on in NFL infamy forever. We've all seen the highlights—Andy Dalton tossing a 49-yard touchdown on 4th and 12 with 53 seconds remaining to knock the Ravens out of postseason—and the reaction—a teary, jubilant Bills locker room glued to a single TV screen—but still trickling in are Bills fans' various shows of appreciation. There was over $300,000 in donations to Andy Dalton's charity, a semi-truck full of legendary Duffs wings, and a smattering of Andy Dalton Bills jerseys around the tailgates this weekend, but they all pale in comparison to this: The final, most lasting (in that it's actually, you know, f—ing permanent) tribute in Buffalo's Red Rifle Tribute Canon:

No, your eyes—however blinded by the glory—do not deceive you. That is a real, non-cereal box tattoo of Andy Dalton, beer in hand, sending himself through a table in what has become the calling card of Bills fans from Orchard Park to Okinawa. So say what you want about artistic merit, future employability, and Dalton's career postseason QBR. This is about fandom, and less than 24 hours removed from whatever the hell Tyrod Taylor did down in Jacksonville, ol' Andy may be the closet thing Buffalo has to a starting quarterback right now.

Cue the trade rumors in 3, 2, 1...