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These two Buffalo Bills fans might actually be dead

December 17, 2017

If last week's epic snow bowl between the Bills and Colts wasn't enough proof that Buffalo fans are absolutely insane, these two videos should do the trick.

Sunday is the final home game of the season for the Bills, who, at 7-6 and still in the hunt, welcome in Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins. And the final home game means one thing: it's the last tailgate of the season for #BillsMafia. These Buffalonians would show up and party even if the Bills were 2-11, so add in the fact that they are in the hunt and chances are things are going to get out of hand in the parking lot. First up, we have this guy rocking a Willis McGahee jersey going for the table slam, but not just any table slam, a flaming table slam. Let's see how it plays out for him:

Shockingly, he set himself on fire, and didn't realize it until someone literally screamed "HE'S ON FIRE!" Excellent observation, sir! Rather than stop drop and roll, (in the snow mind you) this man tried to disrobe before the video cuts out faster than the finale of 'The Sopranos'. Much like we'll never know Tony's fate, we'll never know McGahee's fiery fate either.

If you can believe it, the man on fire might be in better shape than this guy, who might actually be dead:

It's all fun and games until you do irreparable damage to your shoulder, am I right!?