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Shooter McGavin partied with Bills Mafia this weekend and all is right in the universe

September 13, 2017
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In the least shocking news of the week, turns out Shooter McGavin—or perhaps more accurately, actor Chris McDonald—is a blue-lipped, red-blooded Buffalo Bills fan. And what do blue-lipped, red-blooded Bills fans do when the chips are down and the Jets are in town? Well, they saddle up and ride (drink) with the Bills Mafia (a bunch of drunk rednecks), that’s what.

Not one to let his semi-celebrity status get in the way of some quality time with the plebes, McGavin—err—McDonald did exactly that this weekend, wandering deep into the ghettos of Ralph Wilson’s tailgate tent city for several non-stop hours of Labatt abuse and shouting “I EAT PIECES OF SHIT LIKE YOU FOR BREAKFAST” at inanimate objects. Here’s the photographic proof:


codysgameworld - r/sports

Maybe this finally explains Shooter’s beef with a certain long-driving Boston sports fan…

H/T Bro Bible.