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Watch this Buffalo sportscaster savage a former Bills CB over a tweet

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Brett Carlsen

Take it from a guy whose girlfriend is from Buffalo: You don’t f—k with Buffalo. That is a city that eats snow and shits ice. They make Mr. Freeze seem like he plays for the Dolphins and the Steel City look like it’s built out of cheap Wal-Mart plastic. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask former Bills CB Stephon Gilmore, who not only committed Bills Mafia's only mortal sin this offseason—going to play for Patriots— but also threw a little Twitter shade on his way out the door:

It was all going so well for Gilmore too. He got a new contract. He was going to play for the Super Bowl champs. He was about to be nationally projected on Phil Simms’ bare ass every single Sunday. Things were looking up. Then he made one big mistake: He forgot you don't f—k with Buffalo:

That is local WGRZ sportscaster Jonah Javad and this is what we in the industry call “scorched earth”—a burn of Niagara ice sheet-melting, atomic wing-worthy proportions. So someone get on the horn with Belichik and make sure poor Stephon is on an aloe regimen before training camp. In the meantime we are just going to sit here and pour some out for Jonah’s exes, because—as Stephon Gilmore just found out the hard way—that dude is definitely a bad breaker upper.