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They are greasing light poles with Crisco in Philadelphia to prevent Eagles fans from climbing them

Most NFL fanbases would be thrilled with the success the Philadelphia Eagles have had in the last 20 years. This season marks the 11th time in the playoffs for Philly since 2000, and on Sunday the team will play in its sixth NFC Championship in that time span, one of which they converted into a Super Bowl appearance against the New England Patriots in 2004. Even though they lost, that's still a pretty damn good run any city would be proud of. Any city except Philadelphia.

In Philly, two Super Bowl losses in franchise history just isn't going to cut it, and no amount of NFC Championship wins or losses will ease the pain until they get that breakthrough ring. That's why the city is bracing for apocalypse just in case they beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and advance to the big game. That's why crews from city are greasing light poles with Crisco to prevent Eagles fans from climbing them in celebration. Again, this is just in case they make the Super Bowl. Seriously:

If this isn't the most Philadelphia thing ever, I'm not sure what is. These people just cannot be trusted, and the city seems to be trying to weather the storm rather than stop it altogether. As much hate as Philly fans get, they ride-or-die with their teams unlike anywhere else . So much so that some fans will likely still try to unsuccessfully climb these light poles if they can win on Sunday. Let's just hope someone is filming it if and when that happens.