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The Cincinnati Reds were attacked by bees, further proof that Ohio is the seventh ring of hell

May 06, 2019

Rain-outs, often. Snowstorms in Denver and Cleveland, sure. If Cal Ripken's consecutive games played streak is on the line, occasionally a power outage will "happen."

But what went down on Monday afternoon at Great American Ball Park is one for the books.

A title between the Reds and San Francisco Giants was delayed because of...bees.

However, the game suffered just a 30-minute delay, and the first pitch was underway not because the bees had been taken care of...but because they had moved up to the press box.

Un-bee-lievable (rimshot).

Frankly, that the scoreboard operator didn't choose the Tommy Boy "BEES!" scene is the biggest disappointment of the Reds' 14-20 season.

Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised this happened. After all, Ohio was the scene of the crime for the infamous "Midges" came that gave Yankees' reliever Joba Chamberlain fits.

As a native Ohioan, say this with all sincerity: either the apocalypse is near, or the Buckeye State is the seventh rung of hell.