Thought your gender reveal party was creative? This one had an alligator

If there's a dumber, more insufferable trend than gender reveal parties, I'd love to know what it is. Unfortunately though, they appear like they are very much here to stay, each one attempting to be more creative than the last. After all, the celebs do them! That means us normals MUST follow suit in order to achieve maximum like counts on Instagram.

But it's safe to say none will top this one making the rounds on Twitter on Tuesday, and hopefully it puts an end to them all. Because its without a doubt the most unique, creative, and downright dangerous gender reveal video you'll ever see. Why? Well, it features a live alligator, one that these partygoers don't seem too frightened of:

Gotta love the South, where the only real way to find out if your kid is going to be a boy or a girl is by possibly getting your arm chomped on by a gator.

Move over Cody Gribble, you've been upstaged by this soon-to-be-dad who we'd all definitely trust our own children with.