2020 Masters
November 09, 2020

Masters 2020: The long-delayed, much-needed 2020 Masters drinking game


David Cannon

It’s been a weird, wild, crazy, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. That’s the bad news. The good news? The Masters, after seven interminable months of anticipation, is finally upon us. Sure, it’s going to be different. There’s no Par 3 Contest or patrons. Former champs are dropping like flies, split tees are now a thing, and the cut line just got slashed. But it’s still the Masters damn it, and that’s cause enough for a drink. So join us as we crack a cold one and celebrate the one tradition that’s still exactly like all the others: The 2020 Masters Drinking Game. Please chug responsibly.

Sip . . .

- Every time CBS show gratuitous fall foliage shots.

- Every time there's an eagle.

- Every time the absence of fans comes up.

- If they mention the potential changes on 13.

- If the announcers start talking about the weather.

- For every ball dunked in Raes Creek.

- For every reference to “ballspeed.”

- Every time you see someone wearing their mask below their nose.

Drink for three seconds . . .

- In remembrance of every discarded pimento cheese sandwich.

- For every former champion who withdrew due to COVID-19.

- For every former champion eliminated by the new 50-man cut line.

- For any generic rules controversy (finish your drink if it’s Patrick Reed).

- When you see the first holiday commercial.

- Whenever the “Sub-Air” system is mentioned like it’s something people actually care about.

- For any 2019 Tiger Woods highlight package.

- If Lee Corso shows up in person

Finish your drink . . .

- If Lee Corso shows up in person and dons a giant mascot tiger head.

- If Nick Faldo puts his mask on upside down.

- If Bryson namechecks Nikola Tesla or another great scientific mind.

- If there's a hole in one.

- If they show Jordan Spieth’s 2016 12th-hole meltdown (we're buying, Jordan).

- If Augusta chairman Fred Ridley thanks Mother Nature during the green jacket ceremony.

- If Tiger repeats.