Surviving the Hot List

What does it take to be a Hot List tester? We sent a documentary crew to the 2022 Hot List testing summit to capture the people, the drama and the secret sauce that goes into golf’s ultimate assignment.

Game-Improvement Irons

The goal of game improvement irons is pretty straightforward: ​T​o make you less terrible. The trend in these irons is enhanced forgiveness without making the iron look like a club for Chopper McGee. Helping achieve that is the fact many companies use multiple materials, in many cases tungsten weights, to move the center of gravity to help elevate the ball and raise the moment of inertia so those mis-hits behave closer to solid strikes. Elastomer badges or other materials also are employed to help damp vibration (needed more than ever due to the thin faces). The wheelhouse for these clubs is the true middle handicapper and perhaps even the high single-digit player who is secure enough to check their ego in exchange for playing better golf.