Look Like a Pro


Look Like a Pro

July 01, 2008


Color isn't about age or your driving distance; it's an attitude. Playing in bright colors is something players on all professional tours embrace, and you can follow their example by using the power of color to send nonverbal signals about your mood. Wear red (like Mickelson here) to show you're ready for competition. Pale, cool shades such as light blue mean you're out for a relaxing round with your buddies.

Faux Jeans

Don't let the bold stitching fool you, denim fabric makes blue jeans what they are, not their Levi's-like styling. This fashion trend on tour and at high-end clubs involves pants that look like jeans but are made from high-quality cotton fabric. The reasons the look is popular among players such as Rose (left) and Michael Campbell are that the pants are comfortable and still look sharp after 18.


You've got to have confidence and serious game to wear something as bold as one of the buckles pictured here. And it sure makes a fashion statement. Tour players have long worn stylish belts, but buckles are shifting from brand logos to supersize personal statements. Consider wearing one only if you have something to say and the game to back it up.


Wearing all white can be a little scary because it seems as if only those with a perfect physique can pull it off. You're wrong. Dressing in one color, including white, exudes elegance with no contrasts or distractions to call attention to your faults. During the summer, there's nothing cooler to wear. Plus, this look isn't difficult to put together -- the pieces are probably hanging in your closet.

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