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This is what a golf ball looks like when baked in an oven

November 11, 2016

Maybe you’ve never wondered what a golf ball would look like if you put it in the oven. But you’re thinking about it now, right? Will it melt? Will it explode? What will it smell like? Will nothing happen to it at all?

Good news, you don’t have to spend your day haunted by these important questions, because Cristie Kerr’s 2-year old son solved this mystery for us.

At some point during the day, Kerr’s son put a golf ball into the oven. Like all awesome 2-year-olds, he did it without his mom noticing. That ball was still in there when the two-time major winner preheated the oven that night for dinner.

When she opened the oven, this is what she found:

My first few thoughts are that this 2-year-old is pretty cool, and that ball looks smushy, weird and unplayable. I feel like those are normal reactions. But, if you’re like one of our editors, you’re thinking that baked golf ball looks tasty. If you’re having that reaction, this is a friendly reminder that you should not -- I repeat, should not -- eat golf balls.